Sunday, March 11, 2012


The rolling waves 
against the hard rocks.. 
harshly beat...

Upon the sandy shores, 
prostrate at my feet...

The rolling times, 
the hard hearts, 
harshly treat..

The whole world will
the gentle heart,
kindly greet..!

With every wave,
The sea continues...

A long green story...
That never ends!!


Let's go to that beach
To swim and play and run.

Building castles in the sand..
Is ever so much fun..!

We'll never want to leave...
Such fun this all has been..!

But we'll come back 
another day..
And do it all again!




  1. When people says that they are from the coastal area,my next question is "is your house very close to the beach?" I just love the beach. can stay there for the whole day....
    lovely poem Fathima.... :))))

  2. Yes of course ...I too love that charming nature! Thank you so much chams..:)

  3. Beach.... a marvellous place that we never forget... Your Poem is very attractive.. try to write this type of poems in sinhala also...

    (better to remove word verification also)

  4. yeah shani...actually beach is an ever pleasing nature! thanks a lot for your comment and encouraging to write in sinhala as wel..i'll try..:))

  5. it is like we are bound to the beach!
    nice thought!:)

    1. Thanks a lot for ur comment nuwan ...:)


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