Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A beautiful melody tune..!

sweet what makes you move 
sweet what makes you groove.. 

sweet music..can be good or bad 

on how its used..
sweet music..can make you choose 
different clothes to wear 
sweet music can make you change your hair
sweet music can make you choose
new cool friends..

sweet music can make everything alright..
sweet music can take care of you
when your alone
sweet  music can make 
everything feel like home
sweet  music can  harm and take away
sweet  music can make you want to stay
sweet  music is the only friend I have
sweet  music what keeps me alive
When I I can't survive..!! 


  1. very true...I alwayz listen to music when evr i'm in a bad mood. it fixes my mood instantly. :)

  2. @honey : hmm...yeah it's a charming tune. thanks for comment :)

    @chams : yeah exactly..!

  3. hmmm....nice post & nice music....

    "sweet music can make everything alright.." really ....


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